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PVC, OPS, PET shrink film

Issuing time:2013-12-24 00:00

The origin of PVC thermal shrinkage label in China is no longer known, but it has turned a pure thermal shrinkage film into a decorative label from the battery cover. With the increasing expansion of China's beverage market, after 15 years of development, PVC has become a large industry with annual consumption of more than 50,000 tons.

PVC thermal shrinkage mark

PE thermal shrinkable film has been widely used in beverage and beer fields in developed countries as an environmental protection packaging material with low cost, high production efficiency, excellent appearance and efficient logistics. It is widely used in beverage and beer industry in China.

Europe in 2005, PE heat shrinkable film usage has reached more than 400000 tons, the author has visited Europe's third-biggest shrinkable film supplier PLASTO company, its production has more than 55000 tons per year in 2003, one of the printing color PE shrinkable film of 28000 tons, shrink film printing production of more than 27000 tons of are not printed PE shrinkable film (commonly known as white film or plain film industry).

Since the domestic beer industry banned the use of strapping beer, PE shrink film packaging appeared in the market with a low cost attitude, the use of increasing year by year; Later, as Coca-Cola introduced PE shrink film to replace carton packaging in China, its Shanghai Shenmei factory saved more than 15 million yuan of packaging cost every year after it adopted shrink film as the main package material. Shrink film market from beer

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a more interesting packaging, involving a lot of materials, technology, equipment links, here nonsense, and share with you some of the industry knowledge and development process. First of all, I would like to make a solemn statement: if you feel that there is a big gap between the description and the facts in this paper, you are welcome to put forward correction Suggestions. After all, this is some personal experience, which may not reflect the real situation.

Since Colgate entered China, the aluminum-plastic composite pipe was introduced into the printing press and pipe making machine, and then the curtain of its development began. It imported sheet materials, printed by itself (narrow flexo printing), and made pipes by itself. After that, Shanghai toothpaste factory also introduced ASIA's pipe making machine, and imported German printed sheet material as container unit to produce American Jiajing. Then the unilever's clean, HaoQing began using multiple tube, brought to its global partners to take an examination of in Shanghai tower, (which was later renamed after buying Shanghai Bates), its imports of foreign technology of sheet using the flexo, (using at home till now are very few ASOMA printer) printing out the most elegant toothpaste tube;

At about the same time, Taiwan's Three sakura also with its different process (gravure printing) into the Chinese market for Anhui Fangcao, Liuzhou double needle, Dandong cold acid ling and other enterprises supporting; Then, next to the P&g Whampoa plant in Guangzhou, Aisol opened its first printing plant in China, using the letterpress process

A few years ago, Unilever began to use shrink label on ashleen, and then expanded to its brand Lux. Recently, Silk Treasure also began to use shrink label on its packaging. Now, even Procter & Gamble is also interested in shrink label.

Unilever started using shrink-wrap labels, the official line being: to achieve its full package design and to cut costs. Then the conclusion found that: the use of shrink labels can greatly reduce the inventory of all kinds of bottles, not all kinds of color bottles blowing ready to label, as long as the same bottle with different shrink labels can achieve all kinds of effects.

And the bottle blowing factory seems to be very supportive, because its inventory management is also simple, and due to the full package of shrink label cover, the quality of bottles can be reduced to a certain extent, the mold cost is saved, the bottle blowing cycle is shortened, in a word, the cost is also reduced.

The benefits of a fine count shrink label:

1, Low cost (but really low? Who is Unilever's shrink-wrap ratio lower than P&G's sticker?)

2, gravure printing process, you can print particularly bright gold and silver, very dazzling (but there is also hot adhesive hot, now is not there is cold hot? It's bright, too.)

3, printed in the label, wear-resistant (but PVC and wear-resistant than UV varnish?

4, All packages



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